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Quake Live launching in open beta

Quake Live
Quake Live

Eagerly awaited online shooter Quake Live goes into open Beta today, with the ad-supported game likely to quickly pick up a fan base.

The game formerly known as Quake Zero is id software's and uses the id Tech 3 engine, but it is likely to be speed of gameplay rather than graphics that are the focus of this first person shooter.

Somewhat excitingly, the free game is expected to take advantage of advertising, and with the reputation of Quake, John Carmack and id among serious gamers, could help create a whole new model for games playing.


Players will apparently be matched in skill through a special engine that can bring some balance, although the chances of it ending the shouts of 'noob' and corpse-humping remain small.

Since its first iteration Quake has been a firm favourite of gamers, and the likes of Quake III Arena became one of the key games for professional gaming leagues like the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL).

The Quake games also produced some of pro-gaming's most familiar names including Jonathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendell.

You can download the beta, when available, from