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No 3D-only games for 3DS, says Nintendo

Nintendo 3DS: sure, it can do 3D, but it doesn't have to.
Nintendo 3DS: sure, it can do 3D, but it doesn't have to.

The Nintendo 3DS may have made headlines for its 3D capabilities, but Nintendo is steering the console away from games in which the 3D element is essential.

When quizzed over the disappearance of prototype games in which the 3D display had to be active in order to see crucial elements of the game, Nintendo 3DS platform producer Hideki Konno said:

"We want to get software out to as many people as possible, and there are some people who just can't see 3D. We're moving away from any stance that says if you don't use the 3D functionality you can't play this game."

A dimension too far

Set to launch in the UK on 25 March, the console has a nifty 3D slider which allows users to set how three dimensional the game play is, as well as switching it off completely.

While the 3D gameplay is a nice touch in some games and the inclusive stance is both understandable and fair, it seems a shame not to embrace the technology with a few pure-3D games.

Never mind, eh? There's always the augmented reality and crazy flying head-shooting game to keep 3D enthusiasts busy.

From Wired