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Gaming is UK's most popular entertainment

Resident Evil 5 - has movies and music in its sights
Resident Evil 5 - has movies and music in its sights

Computer games are officially the UK's most popular form of entertainment, according to the sales figures around Capcom's Resident Evil 5.

The 18-rated game has blasted to the top of the games charts, but perhaps more impressively it has also outstripped both film and music sales since its launch last Friday.

The game outsold every item in the UK singles chart, outsold U2's bestselling album inside the weekend and grossed more than the top 5 movies in the UK on Saturday and Sunday.


Resident Evil 5 has already sold 4 million copies worldwide, adding to a franchise that has hit the 40 million sales mark with its latest release.

Leo Tan of Capcom said that "This is proof if any were needed that games are THE entertainment medium of choice in 2009.

"Thanks to its strong storyline, amazing graphics and compelling co-op play, Resident Evil 5 provides hundreds of hours of entertainment at a relatively low cost - and it's this value for money that consumers are increasingly responding to."