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Nintendo sets Wii Balance Board date in Japan

The Nintendo Wii Balance Board will go on sale in Japan on 1 December. The Balance Board is a pressure sensitive controller: it measures acute changes in your weight distribution when you stand on it, allowing you to control a game by leaning and moving your body in different directions.

Just like the Nintendo Wii console shipped with Wii sports for use with the motion sensitive Wii Remote, the Nintendo Wii Balance Board will come with new game 'Wii Fit'. Mini games that you'll be able to play using this gadget include: heading an invisible football, doing press-ups, Wii Yoga, and some classic hula-hooping.

Balance Board gets date

The surface of the Balance Board itself is completely rigid - it doesn't move or tilt at all as you shift your weight around. It doesn't contain giant buttons either, like a PlayStation 2 dance mat. Instead, the Balance Board operates by using multiple pressure sensors housed in both sides of the board.

There's still no word on a UK or US release, but Nintendo will undoubtedly assess the amount of demand in the Japanese market before it slaps a date on the Balance Board for other territories. had a play with the Balance Board back in August. Click to read our exclusive preview.