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Facebook quietly shuts down its Snapchat rival

Facebook has shut down its teen-focused Snapchat rival Lifestage. The app, which was specifically designed for young people to share video, with an account connected to their school or college, survived for just shy of a year.

When it was launched in August 2016, the coder behind the app, Michael Sayman, claimed that the idea was to reimagine what Facebook would have been like if it had been created in 2016. 

The timing was interesting though, as the app was very similar to Snapchat, which Facebook had unsuccessfully tried to purchase for a reported $30 billion a few months before.

Now that Facebook has features in Instagram and Messenger that truly rival Snapchat, it would make sense that Lifestage gets put out to pasture. After all, Instagram Stories can be used by anyone, rather than only US residents under 21 years old.

Facebook commented to Business Insider (who first noticed the app was gone) that it had "learned a lot from Lifestage", and would "continue to incorporate these learnings into features in the main Facebook app".

Via Cnet