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Adobe announces Lightroom 1.4.1 update

Adobe Lightroom allows photographers to edit their RAW images non-destructively

Adobe has launched a new update for its Lightroom image editing software that fixes a number of bugs inherent in the previous update.

Among the issues the new patch corrects the EXIF metadata bug, which caused the time and date of some files to be altered erroneously. The new update also fixes the Windows-only bug that made some DNG files unreadable.

Included with the Lightroom update is the latest (4.4.0) patch for Adobe Camera Raw, the raw-image converter plug-in for Photoshop users.

In addition to solving problems and fixing bugs the latest update also delivers support for a number of new cameras including: Canon 450D, Nikon D60, Pentax K20D and K200D and Sony’s A200, A300 and A350.

Mac OS X users can find the update here, while Windows users might like to look here.