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Logitech signs streaming deal with Napster

Logitech Squeezebox
Logitech Squeezebox

Logitech has agreed a deal with Napster to bring an all-you-can eat music service for £15 a month to the UK.

Although many would query how such a service stacks against the likes of Spotify and Nokia's Comes with Music, Napster will now be available on Logitech's Squeezebox.

'Beginning today, Logitech is offering access to Napster's library of more than 7 million songs in the United Kingdom and Germany,' reads the statement.

Deezer,, Mediafly and SmartRadio

'The company is also adding support across Europe for Deezer's WebRadio and SmartRadio streamed music services, Mediafly's on-demand personalised channels of shows and podcasts, and's selection of classical, jazz and blues music from around the world,' it adds.

Logitech's streaming music service already includes LastFM and MP3Tunes.

"The addition of Napster, Deezer, Mediafly and music services brings a dramatically richer selection of music to the Logitech Squeezebox," said David Wall, Regional Product Manager of Logitech's streaming music business.

"Now you have literally thousands of songs and radio stations at your fingertips. The only challenge is deciding what to listen to, and where."

The service will be five pence short of £15 a month, with a 30 day free trial to existing Squeezbox owners.