Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro review

Take one Vivaz, add a keyboard and suddenly, you're a pro

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Sony ericsson vivaz pro review

Of course, the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro does a lot better when it comes to the media side of things.

The camera might have been downgraded to 'only' a 5MP sensor, but it can still take some cracking pictures, with a variety of modes available.

While there aren't as many options to play with the settings of the camera, like colour and white balance, most people won't want to mess around with these anyway.

Of more importance are elements like panorama mode, which allows you to stitch together a wider image using the accelerometer to tilt the camera in the right way. Also Macro and Smile Shot are included, as well as continuous photo action to capture a moving scene.

Sony ericsson vivaz pro review

The LED flash isn't too bright though, and inexplicably you can't turn it off when taking a photo - it's either on or not, rather than lighting up a scene only when you press the dedicated shutter button.

Sony ericsson vivaz pro review

STANDARD PHOTO: Detail is captured fairly well in normal scene mode

Sony ericsson vivaz pro review

HIGH EXPOSURE: Altering the exposure is pretty potent

Sony ericsson vivaz pro review

LOW EXPOSURE: At the other end of the exposure scale

Sony ericsson vivaz pro review

SCHIZOPHRENIC AUTO MODE: The is the first of the Automatic shot modes

Sony ericsson vivaz pro review

CONFUSED: The same shot taken straight away has a completely different white balance

Sony ericsson vivaz pro review

MACRO MODE: Detail is fairly well captured close up

Sony ericsson vivaz pro review

It's pretty cool the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro has a dedicated video recording button - this doesn't just change the mode, but also lets you start capturing video when pressed again, making it effortless to move from photo to video.


The HD quality isn't as high as we'd like though, with a spot or two of graininess coming into the footage. We saw a similar problem with the Samsung Wave, which makes us wonder how high quality these supposedly 'HD' sensors are in today's phones.


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