Nokia C2-01 review

The Nokia C2-01 is a candybar mobile for those who don't want fancy features

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Nokia C2-01 review: Internet

Web browsing isn't the Nokia C2-01's strongest suit. The screen measures two inches and it delivers 320 x 240 pixels. You need a whole lot more for pleasant web browsing. The connection is 3G, but not HSDPA, so it's slower compared to a lot of other smartphones out there. The saving grace is the use of Opera Mini as the web browser.

At least Opera Mini includes useful features such as a Google search bar, which is efficient.

Nokia c2 01

But we found web pages remarkably slow to download and when you do finally get a web page in the browser it is far too small for you to read anything at all without zooming.

Nokia c2 01

Opera Mini offers a small box you can move around a zoomed out screen, so you can choose where you want to zoom into, but if you can't read the miniscule text the process is a bit hit and miss. We found ourselves using the D-pad to move around zoomed in pages more often than not.

Nokia c2 01

Text reflowing is supported, so that you don't have to do too much panning around to read the content of a web page, which is a blessing.

Another nice touch is the ability to set up nine bookmark speed dials – handy if there are places you visit regularly. Though to be frank, if you are that much of a regular web user, we'd suggest you look at a different handset.

It is probably not a surprise to hear that video streaming is limited. We were unable to play video from the BBC website, for example. Even if it were possible, frankly the small screen means we wouldn't want to bother with it.

Nokia c2 01