As the HTC One SV is an Android device it comes fully equipped with the excellent Google Maps and Navigation applications, ensuring you can always find your way home.

The One SV managed to locate us almost immediately after clicking on the maps app, and that was with Wi-Fi turned off.

HTC One SV review

It did take a few seconds to narrow down our location, but we were very impressed with the speed in which the phone managed to triangulate our whereabouts.

Maps loaded swiftly over 4G and we were able to pan around smoothly without any sign of hesitation or lag, which made the mapping experience an enjoyable one.

HTC One SV review

Detail isn't as pin sharp as on other handsets boasting higher resolutions so from a relatively zoomed out view on a busy area of the map it can look a little messy, but zoom in and everything becomes clearer.

The 4.3-inch display is a good size if you are planning on using the One SV as a in-car sat nav, with it clearly showing all the information you need without taking up too much of your windscreen.

The One SV was able to keep locked on our position even in busy built up areas and the clear instructions helped us to our destination in no time at all.


We've already covered the various social, media and mapping applications which come pre-installed on the HTC One SV, but that's not all.

HTC One SV review

HTC has handily pre-loaded the SV with a handful of other applications it thinks will help you in your day to day life, and if they don't then you always have access to Google Play which offers hundreds of thousands of apps for your delectation.

HTC One SV review

First up on the bundled app parade is the ultimately useless EA Games offering which is nothing more a link to five games, four of which are only trials – you'll be better off checking out the games section in Google Play.

An HTC staple is the Flashlight app, allowing you to utilise the LED on the back of the One SV and use it as a torch – perfect for when you're stumbling home at 2am and need to see where you're stepping.

Be warned though the flashlight will drain the battery quite significantly if you use it for too long.

Another HTC favourite is the mirror app which allows you to check out your fine self by using the front facing camera. It's not an app we found ourselves using, but we sure it's a life saver if some eye liner needs to be applied at a moments notice.

HTC One SV review

Polaris Office, PDF viewer and Notes are all on board to aid working on the go, plus the basic News and Weather app keeps you up to date with the main headlines and wind chill factor.

Thanks to the dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM inside the HTC One SV games run smoothly on the handset.

We were able to play the rather graphically intensive Temple Run on the One SV without issue, although the game didn't look as good as it does on other handsets with colours a little washed out and detail not as crisp.