HTC Amaze 4G review

HTC aims to Amaze at 4G speeds, but can polished hardware overcome cluttered software?

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HTC amaze 4g
There's nothing earth shattering about SMS and MMS messaging from the HTC Amaze 4G – it appears to be one area where the manufacturer decided to leave well enough alone and allow Android to stand on its own two robotic feet.

Standard options include deleting individual messages, composing a new one, group messaging and a range of Settings.

HTC amaze 4g
The built-in app is only one such option in today's app-happy world. Facebook, Google+ and others are available as a free downloads from the Android Market and work as you'd expect.

(One exception was Facebook continually alerting us to a new phantom message that didn't exist, which forced us to disable message notifications and use Facebook Messenger instead.)

HTC amaze 4g

The Mail app is likewise fairly standard stuff here, and we had no problems setting up email accounts from both iCloud as well as our own IMAP-enabled domain name.

Users can quickly jump to Mail features by sliding a finger across the bottom to access All Inboxes, Conversations, Favorites, Unread, Marked and Attachments, and the app works in both portrait and landscape modes.

Sadly, IMAP-IDLE is not supported in Mail, so frequent email junkies may want to install another if push mail is required. Gmail users also have access to the standard Android app, which they'll likely find a more pleasing experience anyway.

HTC amaze 4g

All messaging options use the standard Android keyboard with predictive text, which could be considered a plus or a minus depending on your view of Android 2.3.4 – we've been spoiled by the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0, but keyboard replacements like SwiftKey X are just a download away.

Speech to text recognition is also available and worked well in our tests.