If we were ranking the problems of the Acer Liquid S100 in order, the battery life would likely be right at the top. Simply awful, the battery on the Liquid gives up easily within the day and will begin dropping sometimes within minutes of being disconnected from the charger.

We're not sure what's taking up so much power, as when we consult a third-party application manager there's always very limited memory available for new programs.

Acer liquid s100

We suppose in a good way, turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth doesn't actually help the cause at all, but it does add to the mystery of the poor battery life. At least this means that it's possibly just a rogue piece of code within the system that's pulling the battery meter down too fast, and this could be updated in the future.

We never thought a phone would be able to have a worse battery life than the Samsung Galaxy, but barely three months later, the Liquid has arrived to take that crown.

Acer liquid s100

RoadSync is also the best bet with this phone when it comes to organisation - the calendar function synchronises with your Exchange server to communicate all your important meetings and suchlike, and Google calendar does the same for your (probably) less important ones.

Acer liquid s100

What is odd is that you can't synchronise the two - a dual calendar surely is easy to implement, but Acer hasn't managed to do that here, adding to the irritation.


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