Asus P8P67M-Pro review

Packing a punch in a paltry form factor

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The old-school idea of performance being limited by the small-scale motherboards has been blown out of the water increasingly by Asus over the last year or so, culminating in the mATX performance of this P67 board.

Keeping pace with a full-size, and more expensive, P67 is impressive, and beating it by even such a short way doubly so.

3D Rendering performance

Cinebench R11.5 – Index: higher is better
Asus P8P67M-Pro: 6.71
Foxconn P67A-S: 6.69
ECS P67H2-A: 6.53
Overclocked: 8.31

Cinebench R10 – Seconds: quicker is better
Asus P8P67M-Pro: 37
Foxconn P67A-S: 39
ECS P67H2-A: 39
Overclocked: 31

Video encoding performance

x264v2 – FPS: higher is better
Asus P8P67M-Pro: 35.15
Foxconn P67A-S: 32.71
ECS P67H2-A: 33.21
Overclocked: 43.69

x264v3 – FPS: higher is better
Asus P8P67M-Pro: 35.70
Foxconn P67A-S: 36.76
ECS P67H2-A: 32.71
Overclocked: 43.37

1080p gaming performance

Just Cause 2 – FPS: higher is better
Asus P8P67M-Pro: 46
Foxconn P67A-S: 46
ECS P67H2-A: 45