Over the last couple of decades 3D has spasmed violently in and out of fashion, never quite managing to break free from the sickening effects and dodgy cardboard spectacles that seem to have doomed its every attempt at making it mainstream.

Now, thankfully, technology has advanced far enough for companies such as Nintendo (with the 3DS) to demo 3D content without the need for glasses at all, albeit for more basic games and graphics.

The Asus G51Jx doesn't quite manage that, but it does employ nVidia's cutting edge 3D Vision technology, which features a special design of glasses that enable you to play the latest games – and enjoy 3D content – in impressive 3D.

Elsewhere the G51Jx proves itself to be a more than capable gaming rig, offering enough power and performance to play the latest gaming titles at full settings. It's also a highly versatile multimedia centre, which will suit you if you enjoy high definition (HD) movie editing, for example, when not playing the latest games.