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This week Vodafone and HTC spoke out over the removal of the HD2, while rumours surrounding the launch of the Google Nexus heated up. The BBC came under fire for the quality of its HD service and Nintendo trademarked 'Zii' – could this be the name of the Wii's successor?

TechRadar also brought you a plain-talking guide to Google Wave and in the windows world we fixed Windows 7 – and Windows 8.

The Motorola Milestone review clocked up some serious hits as the handset became available in the UK. In time for Christmas we also rounded up the best netbooks, TVs and mobile phones – ideal whether you are shopping for someone else or yourself.

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Top five news stories

Vodafone and HTC speak out over HD2 withdrawal

Thought that the whole 'Vodafone dropping HTC HD2' saga was done and dusted? Think again, as both companies have since spoken out. We phoned HTC to see what it made of the announcement, and we were given the following statement: "The HTC HD2 will continue to be available through Vodafone [in the UK]". Mysterious, eh?

Google Nexus phone rumours take a new twist

The now-famous Google phone looks set to debut both directly from Google and through a carrier as well, with more coming on board later on. Sources cited by Reuters have 'confirmed' that the phone will be available in the dual format, making it seem less likely that Google will shift that many from its own stock.

BBC defends HD service against criticism over quality

Despite complaints from viewers, the BBC has defended the broadcast quality of the BBC HD channel. The corporation has revealed that viewers have been complaining about the HD service since a change in the way the pictures are encoded took place in August.

Nintendo mysteriously trademarks 'Zii'

Nintendo has been busy trademarking a new word, it has been revealed, one which is remarkably like the name of their successful games console, the Wii. The word is, wait for it, Zii. What this actually means is unknown. All we know is that Nintendo decided to get its mucky paws on the Wii-like word moniker back in October, with the Japanese trademark database just releasing details of the acquisition this week.

Facebook gets re-booted for Android

A new version of the Android Facebook application has been launched, and this time it works more as you'd expect it to. The first Facebook for Android application was a little on the basic side, with elements like being able to see news and status updates being the main talking point.

Top five in-depth articles

The idiot's guide to Google Wave

Google started sending out invites to its Google Wave collaboration service back in September, and following a clamour for invites, the service was met with a resounding "huh?" from many people who tried it. But Wave is a revolutionary new way to keep in contact with people and collaborate on documents and could completely replace email.

Google wave

What Microsoft must fix for Windows 8

Windows 7 is a big step forward from XP and Vista, but there are plenty of issues that it leaves untouched. If we were in charge of producing Windows 8 then these would be the areas we'd want to address first.

Tips, tricks and hacks to make Windows 7 more awesome

Windows 7 isn't perfect. In fact, it's not even close. Look closely and you'll find it has security problems, interface issues and gaps in functionality, as well as faithfully reproducing common Windows annoyances that have been around for a long time. Of course, every operating system has its irritations, and you shouldn't let Windows 7's selection put you off upgrading. The key is to understand them. And that's why we've spent weeks with Windows 7, not only uncovering the problems it still contains, but also finding out exactly how to resolve each one.

How to get a £2,000 gaming PC for £178

What difference does ten years making to a top of the range gaming machine? That's what we found ourselves wondering the other day, and seeing as we're old enough to remember such machines, we set out to find out.

The hottest PC technology for 2010

Another glorious year in tech is coming to a close. As ever, the PC got faster, better and often cheaper in 2009. But as one chip engineer said to another, nostalgia ain't what it used to be. Instead of looking back, therefore, allow us to regale you with the likely highlights for the personal computer in 2010.

Micron ssd

Top five reviews

Hands on: Motorola Milestone review /Motorola Droid review

The phone networks need a hot handset to woo Christmas shoppers, Google wants to kick-start the production of apps for Android, and if Motorola doesn't get a best-selling handset soon (its first since the RAZR) it might stop making phones. No pressure then.

Motorola droid

Nokia N900 review

The latest addition to the Nokia family is the first device running Maemo 5, a new OS that takes the best of Nokia's internet tablet range and stuffs it into a phone-sized chassis. Featuring a huge 3.5-inch screen and full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, it's also packing a seriously strong engine under the hood to power things along. Will the N900 shed the ageing image of Symbian and bring Nokia to the next level to match the likes of the iPhone?

15 best netbooks in the world today

It's hard to believe it's been just two years since Asus revolutionised the notebook market with its release of the Eee PC. This tiny form factor computer omitted the optical drive in favour of USB ports, and even ditched Windows, switching to Linux to keep costs down. It was a brave move on Asus' part, but one that paid off. Since then, the netbook as a concept has snowballed. Almost every major computer manufacturer has some form of netbook on offer, and there's been a lot of innovation in the field.

10 best mobile phones in the world today

The phone industry is now so humungous it's worth over $24bn in India alone. Some stats suggest that the global mobile industry will be worth $200bn by 2012 – that's $33 for every human being on the planet. And what's driving this recession-beating performance? It's the technology, stupid! So here we have our 10 favourite mobile phones of the current crop, in reverse order, ending with what we consider to be the best mobile phone available today...

Top 10 best 32-inch LCD TVs in the world today

Most living rooms can't physically take a TV much bigger than 32-inch, making this size by far the most popular in the UK. But within the 32-inch division, there's plenty of choice. A basic HD-ready set can be found for less than £300 if you search hard, though it's just as easy to spend over £2,000. There's only one certainty at this size, though – your new telly will be an LCD TV.

LCD tv

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