Apple files patent to build speaker into iPod nano

Back of the bus about to get even more annoying

Apple has filed a patent that details how it could insert a speaker into the iPod nano and iPod Shuffle.

The patent retains the two iPods' existing clip-on design, but adds a little speaker into the back bit of the clip.

Although the patent doesn't specifically name check either iPod, it does feature technical drawings that look mighty similar to both diminutive MP3 players.


The speaker wouldn't necessarily be up to much – it is so small that it couldn't offer much in the way of quality playback (although some folk on the bus are quite content with incredibly tinny drum'n'bass so you never know).

But perhaps it would come in handy for accessibility for the partially-sighted, or for audible feedback when using the tiny iPod nano touchscreen.

Another possibility is that Apple is considering shoe-horning Siri into every possible device, although we can't see the humble iPod nano or Shuffle being able to provide the kind of grunt the assistant app would need.

But Apple files patents for hundreds of bits and pieces of tech that never come to pass, so we're not banking on a be-speakered iPod nano coming to light any time soon.

It s possible

From Apple Insider


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