Amazon Kindle Touch getting a 'Paperwhite' makeover?

Photos supposedly show a new backlit display

As Amazon's press event draws nearer, so do the news, leaks and rumors grow more frequent.

Not only did Amazon announce the Kindle Fire had sold out Thursday, leaked photos reportedly of the Kindle Fire 2 made their way online to prying eyes.

As of Thursday evening, the last Amazonian news to hit the internet were photos of a new E Ink Kindle with backlit display.

The device looks to be a Kindle Touch, the company's touchscreen e-reader, though with an updated design, look and new technologies on board.

Backlit beauty

The leaked images show a bottom button-less device, one that's almost black instead of granite.

If the photos are authentic, then the most noticeable change is an improved display, one Amazon appears to refer to as "Paperwhite."

The backlit device is purportedly "higher contract, high resolution" with integrated lighting.

It supposedly has up to eight weeks of battery life as well, no matter if the light is used or not.

Rival Barnes & Noble and that company's Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight already features the light-from-behind technology, so Amazon is a little late the game.

However, with a big to-do going on next week, Amazon might just have a trick or two up its sleeves yet.

Via The Verge


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