Turn-by-turn navigation finally arrives on Australian iPhones

Free navigation arrives after short delay

After a minor, unexplained delay, Apple has finally released its turn-by-turn navigation software for Australians.

Originally scheduled to release in Australia in October, Apple pushed the release back to some time in November.

The turn-by-turn navigation function, which can be enabled by downloading a small, over the air update, lets you receive voice navigation while driving in Siri's dulcet tones.

Upcoming competition

The release of navigation in Australia for the iPhone is timely, with Nokia this week announcing its Nokia Here mapping platform for both iOS and Android, as well as news reports that Google isn't planning to release an iOS Google Maps app.

While Apple boss Tim Cook offered a formal apology over Apple's initial rollout of Maps, the service has been improving daily, although it still has a long way to go.

The increased competition is sure to drive Apple to release more improvements even faster.


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