Nokia to bring budget mapping to the masses through Firefox OS

Jumping into bed with Mozilla

Nokia has promised its Here service will bring top-end mapping features to budget phones when the Firefox OS launches.

Nokia has rebranded its mapping application to be called Here and has worked with Mozilla to offer a suite of features to the new OS when it arrives in 2013.

The new platform from the browser-maker is designed to make rich web apps that can run on a variety of affordable phones, and Nokia Here will provide free 'location experiences' to the OS.

All about the devs

Being able to offer location services is a key part of any operating system, and with Firefox OS the tie-in with Here will offer powerful tools for developers to play with.

However, the new OS is based on the HTML5 standard and runs on top of the Android structure, so the likes of Google Maps will still be available as competition.

It's in the tools the new system provides that the benefit comes in though, with both companies combining to integrate the mapping data within the platform.

The first Firefox OS devices are expected to launch in Brazil in January 2013, but will likely make their way to the UK and US later in the year at a super-cheap level.


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