MS500 speaker gives you music on the go

Sony Ericsson now allows you to annoy a whole bus

In a move that will both set music free and annoy beach / festival / Tube dwellers everywhere, Sony Ericsson has released its first outdoor Bluetooth speaker, the MS500.

It allows synchronisation with any Bluetooth enabled device (ie a Sony Ericsson mobile phone in this case, we'd posit), meaning you could use your phone as a remote to change tracks and volume and all that.

It's powered by two AA batteries and works within a 10 metre range of the device, working for up to five hours on one battery charge.

Hanging from the wrist

Sony Ericsson says: "The MS500 speaker is designed for the outdoor environment with a durable splash-proof shell and handy strap, which makes it perfect for attaching to a bag, or hanging from the wrist."

We beg the world to never hang this speaker anywhere while it is playing music, unless you have the written consent of everyone within a 100m radius. And even then perhaps think about not doing it.

Still, it looks fun and is available in a whole variety of colours ("stylish" orange and black or "chic" white and pink") although we're still waiting for price and availability at the moment.

Until then, why not dust off the old acoustic guitar and have a sing song with friends? At least you know chavs on a bus won't be doing that...


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