HTC re-affirms love for Windows Mobile 7

Still very much in bed with Ballmer's Band

HTC has attempted to dispel conjecture it is focusing more on Android than Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform.

The Taiwanese company rose to prominence based on its decent Windows Mobile offering, but has recently been hitting the headlines for its high end Android smartphones.

This has prompted some to speculate that the company might not be involved with the Microsoft brand in the future, but CEO Peter Chou confirmed this was not the case.

"This year has started very strongly with these new products [the HTC Legend, Desire and HD Mini], and we are really, really excited about 2010.

"I'd also like to highlight the announcement we made with Microsoft [as a key partner in the Windows Phone 7 Series launch.]"

Exciting times

"We're very busy working with Microsoft at the moment, and we're looking to deliver [a Windows Phone 7 Series mobile] later this year, which is very exciting."

Chou also used the forum to express HTC's intent in the smartphone market:

"In 2013 [we believe] smartphones will make up 50% of all mobiles sold worldwide. HTC is currently in the top five smartphone suppliers in the world, and it is my vision that HTC enters the top three by 2013."

So while HTC's been plugging away at creating top-end Android phones, it's good to see it's not forgetting its roots with the Windows Mobile platform.



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