Apple set to integrate Twitter into iOS 5?

140-character photo sharing

Apple may be about to make it easier for users to upload images to Twitter in iOS 5 from within the operating system's menus.

It's another unusual move from Apple, which yesterday announced the topics for its WWDC keynote which include revealing the new iOS.

Multiple sources have apparently confirmed the Twitter integration to TechCrunch, saying that 'Send to Twitter' will be an option on photos just as 'Send to YouTube' is for videos in the iOS gallery.


This ties in nicely with Twitter's plans to create its own photo hosting service, effectively sounding the death knell for sites like Twitpic and Yfrog.

If Apple's going to integrate Twitter into the photo gallery menu, we can't help but wonder if Facebook can be far behind.

Luckily, WWDC is just five days away – all will be revealed by Steve Jobs himself on Monday.


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