Nintendo Switch has made Twitter go absolutely nuts

Surprise: we have opinions – and jokes – about the new Nintendo

We here in the TechRadar offices are … cautiously excited by Nintendo’s unorthodox reveal of its Nintendo Switch console. It certainly looks clever, and affirms much of what we heard about the device in the lead-up to the announcement trailer.

But, we didn’t see anything in that video in regards to the console’s operating system, how it manages online play or hardware specifics, like charging or wireless range. Hell, we still have no idea how much this thing is going to cost.

Of course, you expect us members of the press to have a metered response – it’s our job. But, how is the internet at large responding to the Nintendo Switch?

Frankly, responses are all over the place. From outright dismissals to GIFs showering Nintendo in praise, Nintendo Switch doesn’t seem any less divisive than the Wii U was. Did you expect anything less from the Mario House?

Seems like Switch is just what the doctor ordered for this fan. It was the Skyrim, wasn’t it? 

Yep, definitely the Skyrim. (Who knew its hype game would be this strong five years later?) 

OK, now you’re just being a curmudgeon. Drink some more of that Hater-Ade, why don’tcha? 

Yeah, it’s tough to argue with this one. Couldn’t it have just been a “Game Boy?” That’s what all of our parents are going to call it anyway. 

Man, iPhone 7 just can’t get a break, huh? But really, it’s technically not wrong.

And, like clockwork, the tinfoil hat-wearing Nintendo fans are out and ready to play. (Don’t hold your breath for too many of those “exclusives”, we say.)

OK, this one deserves a hearty slow clap.

Meanwhile, this dude sees a relationship on the ropes. Just don’t keep texting, Wii U, it makes you look desperate. 

This guy already feels so damn #blessed – and he hasn’t even seen the price!


Your move, Microsoft. Just kidding! Wait, where are you going? We love The Duke!

This guy knows that saying it over and over won’t make it arrive any faster, right? It’s a game console, not the Candy Man. Sheesh.

Nothing but some hearty, baseless optimism here. We’ll take it!

We’re right there with you, dude. Where are our average-looking Nintendo fans at? Oh, right, not on TV…

And finally, this dude already wants Red Dead Redemption 2 on Nintendo Switch. Good to know we’re not the only ones who expect the best from Nintendo – never settle, we say.

But seriously, if we don’t see Metroid on Nintendo Switch on day one, we damn well may riot. OK, that’s a bit extreme, but we’ll sure as hell write a whiny think piece about it on the internet – it’s the American way.



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