Sony Tablet S UK pricing revealed as pre-order opens

Dixons Group gets pointless early exclusive

The Dixons Group is the first to open pre-orders for Sony's curvy Tablet S, announced at IFA 2011, throwing its first official UK pricing into the mix.

The official Sony Tablet S UK pricing starts at £399.99 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only model.

You can also pre-order the 16GB Wi-Fi and 3G version for £499.99, or opt for a bit more storage space with the Wi-Fi only 32GB model for £499.99.

Palm Pre-order

Pre-ordering won't make your slates arrive any faster though, with the 16GB Wi-Fi Sony Tablet S given a UK release date of 16 September, and the 32GB Wi-Fi only model coming on 23 September.

We're glad to see the UK pricing set at a sensible level – the 16GB Wi-Fi only Tablet S is on a par with the lowest-spec iPad 2.

If you want to be one of the first to get your pre-orders in, you'll have to get thee to Currys, PC World or because the group has only gone and got itself an exclusive pre-order window.

Who knows how long it will be before you can pre-order the tablet from one of the other retailers? Well, not very long, because the release dates are set for two weeks' time – but good on you anyway, Dixons Group.

You can check out video of the Sony Tablet S below:


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