Polaroid unveils two budget Android tablets, neither print pictures

How modern

Continuing its new foray into the 21st century, Polaroid has revealed two new budget Android tablets: the 7-inch Polaroid M7 and the 10-inch Polaroid M10.

Both tablets come running Android Jelly Bean 4.1 with a slightly unfortunate Windows 8-reminiscent Polaroid skin over the top.

Polaroid is at pains to assure us that the tablets come with all the mod cons, making a point of highlighting their "great features like Bluetooth and built-in cameras" - cutting edge stuff.

Spec attack

The cheap and cheerful M7 rocks an HD IPS display, 8GB of storage expandable via microSD and comes in at a Google Nexus 7-bothering $129 (around £80 but we doubt we'll see it in the UK for under £100, AU$122).

It comes with only a front-facing 2MP camera which probably won't win you any international photography awards.

The M10, meanwhile, is a quad-core slate, with a 10-inch HD IPS display, 16GB of space inside and this time Polaroid's spoiling us with two cameras - a 2MP front snapper and a 5MP sensor on the back .

The larger tablet will set you back $229 (around £143 or AU$ 217) when it goes on sale alongside its smaller sibling in spring 2013.



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