Panasonic hoping 3D tech means TV price hike

Adding another dimension adds value, according to the company

Panasonic showed off its 3D technology this week on one of the company's 103-inch plasma screens at its base in Osaka, Japan.

The demonstration was similar to the one TechRadar was privy to at this year's CES, with footage of the Beijing Olympics wowing the audience.

At the demo, the company re-iterated that it hopes to bring 3D technology into the home by 2010, with its not-yet-released range of 3D Blu-ray players and 3D high-definition TVs.

Added value

According the Associated Press, however, Keisuke Suetsugi, a Panasonic manager, also mentioned that Panasonic hopes the technology will allow the company to charge more for the TVs, something that will go some way in combating the recent drop in prices for HDTV sets.

Speaking to journalists, he believed the 3D-Ready sets would "add value" to the products.

Panasonic believes that the popularity of 3D in cinemas and the quality of content being released this year means that "consumer reaction is good for this new technology".

This comes after DreamWork's Monster Vs Aliens, the first high-profile 3D film to be released this year made $58.2-million at the US box office.

According to, 58 per cent of this revenue came from the cinema screens which showed the 3D-only version of the film.

Via Associated Press


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