Orbitsound: We want to be bigger than stereo

Is the one-speaker spatial system set to go big?

Both these utilise the technology first found in the T3, with Fletcher noting: "Porting the airSOUND technology to new products is easy. It's made in such away that you just need to make the components bigger – so you can use it for MP3 players or large arena loudspeakers."


SPEAK ONCE: One speaker creates stereo sound

Harvinder Hungin, executive chairmen of Orbitsound, is in no doubt that the technology used in the company's products is revolutionary.

"We're creating a really big problem for manufacturers like Samsung and Sony as we have proprietary technology that is game-changing.

"Although stereo has been the dominant audio force for the last 50 years, we really think that our technology is a rival, something that can be bigger. If anything, the ideal would be that stereo is used for the higher-end kits and our technology is used in the mainstream."

When asked why the airSOUND concept hasn't yet found its way into the big manufacturers' products, Hungin explained: "Manufacturers are interested in the technology, but we are also creating our own products. Companies like Sony didn't hit their stride until they created game-changers – it was the Walkman for them and the iPod for Apple.

"We have technology that is a differentiator and we have had a phenomenal response."


GAME-CHANGER: It all started with the T3

Orbitsound is hoping its new products will hit the consumer sweet-spot. But given that it is entering the iPod accessory market, which is one of the busiest around, it's not going to be easy.

Hungin doesn't seem too perturbed, though, explaining: "It's like a distributor once said to me about technology today: 'we have plenty of candy for the eyes, but not the ears'. This is what Orbitsound is bringing."

The Orbitsound T12 and T4 have a UK release date of June and are priced at £299 and £179 respectively. For more details, go to www.orbitsound.com.


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