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Retrieve lost files deleted from your PC with this free Recuva download

Download Recuva (free) and rescue data that you've deleted by mistake. It's a life-saver.

This might sound strange, but one of our favourite features of Microsoft Windows is the good old Recycle Bin.

When you delete a file or application, the Bin is where they end up. Not ‘deleted’ per se, but stored in a digital dump, out of sight and out of mind. If you want the file back, all you need to do is root around in the Bin until you find it. Unless of course, you’ve ordered Windows to take out the trash in the meantime.

For anyone who has desperately searched their Recycle Bin for an important file and endured the realisation that it’s no longer there, this Recuva Free download offers you the opportunity to get your trash back.

Developed by the same people behind the popular system cleaner CCleaner, this disk recovery software helps you to recover or ‘undelete’ lost files.

You see, when you throw away any file, that file isn’t actually deleted. Windows severs the link to the file, but the data itself is still there. At least until such time that it is overwritten with new data - and sometimes even that is not enough.

The only way to be sure that your data is truly deleted is to use software like Eraser, which overwrites the file several times with selected patterns, making it almost impossible to retrieve.

No matter whether you've deleted files from the Windows recycle bin, from the memory card of your digicam, or even from an MP3 player, Recuva offers you the best chance of getting them back. It can even rebuild Word documents after a crash and recover deleted emails.

It also doesn't matter whether you've deleted the data deliberately or your files got lost through a system crash, programming mistake or viruses.

All you have to do is download the Recuva Free application, load it up, select a drive and click Scan. In just a few seconds any deleted files that can be recovered are listed. For a better overview you can alternatively display the results in a tree structure.

Verdict: This free Recuva download fulfils its promise of recovering lost data impeccably, whatever the media source. There’s even a Secure Overwrite option to allow you to delete files so that even Recuca can’t get them back. Be careful how you use that feature though.

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