LG smartphones have always been at the forefront of media codec support, and the Optimus G is no exception. It can play Mp4, DivX, WMV and H.264 video files and huge range of audio including FLAC.

LG Optimus G - True Grit

This is more important now than before, as the Optimus G has the potential to be your home media server, to a certain degree. Incorporating the latest Miracast wireless streaming protocol, the Optimus can stream media to a Miracast compatible TV or monitor.

Of course, being a new protocol means that most TVs in living rooms won't support Miracast now, so LG is selling an HDMI dongle to bridge the gap.

As easy as Apple

This is a remarkably easy to use technology, not unlike Apple's AirPlay. Once connected, the Optimus G can stream 1080p video content to a TV, and better still, you can continue to use the phone while the content streams in the background.

If you don't want to watch a movie, you can use Miracast to share your phone's screen wirelessly with a larger display. This is a great solution for road warriors who want to conduct presentations off of their phones rather than a laptop.

It isn't great for gaming, though. Despite sounding like the perfect way to get Real Racing 3 on to your TV, there is just a little too much latency in the Miracast connection to interact with a fast-moving game.