Trend Micro PC-cillin IS 2007

It's certainly cheap, but do the features suffer for it?

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Our Verdict

Good value for money but not as capable as more expensive rivals


  • Can be installed on three PCs


  • Virus scanner not the best

This suite has its flaws, like any other. The virus scanner is less accurate than Norton's, and it's much slower. And while the spam filter picks out much junk, it's more intrusive than most. Dubious integration with Outlook Express meant the suite occasionally changed our email views, and on one occasion the email client wouldn't load at all.

The firewall could be bypassed with little work, and fires off too many alerts about programs that want to go online. It's very configurable, though, and includes extras like checking your wireless network for uninvited guests.

Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 can also be installed on three PCs on your local network, making it good value. A console helps you manage other installations from one central point, a neat touch for home users.

Extras include a way to lock private files remotely if your computer is stolen, and a complete security package for smart phones. There's real value for money here. Download the trial version and see if it works for you. Mike Williams