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Fang gamepad review

Barking mad, but has no bite

The spongy buttons won't appeal to hardcore gamers.

Our Verdict

Like using a keyboard to play an FPS in a peat bog - soft


  • Use with either hand


  • Soft, spongy buttons

The Zboard is a dedicated gaming keyboard whose oh-so-clever name probably works a lot better when said in a thick American twang. The Fang, powered by the same FPS-bothering technology, is its one-handed little brother, but we're struggling to tell if it's more than just a gimmick.

Sure, you can use it with either hand, and all of the buttons are placed within the reach of any human boasting the common five-digits-per-hand configuration. But those same buttons are soft to the point of being spongy, not the sort of firm, tactile response we're used to when ploughing through hordes of on-rushing polygonal enemies, and this clearly takes a while to get used to.

The Fang's other problem is that most bog-standard keyboard's buttons are more responsive and predictable than the squishy keys on offer here, so why would most hardened gamers make the switch to the Fang in the first place? PC Format Staff