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Visa debit cards not working in European-wide outage

(Image credit: Visa)

Visa debit cards are not working across the UK and most of Europe after the company suffered a major network fault.

Shoppers have found themselves unable to pay for goods using their cards, both by contactless or chip and PIN machines.

The outage has even affected customers trying to pay with other card companies, as Visa provides the payment infrastructure for many popular shops.

The issue appears to be due to this latter system, with Visa's network also forming the backbone for many financial institutions.

Users of many UK banks have received alerts or messages informing them of a "disruption of service" which means they cannot spend or receive money.

The outage seems to be widespread across the UK, however a small number of payments do appear to be going through - so stay on your toes if you need to use your Visa card today.