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This is the best value rugged smartphone right now

Blackview BV9900E - $259.99 at AliExpress

Blackview BV9900E - $259.99 at AliExpress
This discounted version of Blackview's flagship rugged smartphone has slightly less memory and no FLIR camera, but otherwise holds up extremely well. Plus, it's available for almost half the price!

We were mightily impressed with the Blackview BV9900 Pro rugged smartphone when we reviewed the device earlier this year - and even gave it our coveted editor's choice award. Now, Blackview has released a new and cheaper iteration: the BV9900E.

The discounted version of Blackview’s flagship rugged smartphone is available from online retailer AliExpress for only $259.99 (£210/AU$370) - that's almost half the price of its flashier cousin. 

The unit ships for free to the US, UK, Australia and dozens of other territories worldwide, but it's worth noting that pricing could change in line with exchange rate fluctuations.

There are only two main differences between the 9900E and 9900 Pro: the latter has more memory and a FLIR camera.

All other components found in the original are still present, including a Mediatek P90 CPU with 128GB storage, 5.84-inch FHD+ display, 48-megapixel rear Samsung camera, 16-megapixel front camera and 438000mAh battery.

Other features include 802.11ac Wi-FI, Bluetooth, dual nano SIM card with microSD slot, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, IP68, wireless charging and MIL-STD-810G certification.

Rivals such as the Oukitel WP6 and Doogee S68 Pro may have more memory or a larger battery, but the Blackview BV9900E provides greater balance thanks to a superior processor and overall feature set.

Bear in mind

  • If this product comes from mainland China, it will take at least a month to arrive in the UK or US (and potentially more). You may also be levied an additional tax either directly or through the courier.
  • If you've managed to get hold of a cheaper product with equivalent specifications, in stock and brand new, let us know and we'll tip our hat to you.
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