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YouGov survey shows UK not warming to 3D

YouGov survey shows UK not warming to 3D
3D - Brits aren't that excited

Despite the best efforts of James Cameron and co, 3D movies are sill seen as gimmicky in the UK.

This is according to a new YouGov study that's taken a look at the habits of UK cinemagoers, when it comes to 3D, and found that the technology still isn't enticing them to don glasses.

While 47 per cent of the 2,796 surveyed said that they would watch a 3D movie over a 2D movie, a further 48 per cent explained they would not spend any more money on seeing a 3D movie over a 2D one.

Third dimension tension

When pushed as to whether 3D was the future of cinema, just 27 per cent strongly agreed it was, compared to 33 per cent who totally disagreed.

And just 19 per cent said that 3D improves the quality if a movie, compared to 36 per cent who thought it didn't.

As for believing that 3D is still a gimmick, 41 per cent totally agree, while 22 per cent do not.

A big assumption in the TV world is that getting rid of the glasses barrier will see more people flock to 3D movies but, according to YouGov, a whopping 40 per cent said it would not affect their decision on 3D.

Via Cnet