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Pioneer TVs return to the UK via exclusive deal with Dixons

Pioneer returns to the UK after sealing an exclusive deal with Dixons
A Pioneering partnership for Dixons

One of the leviathans of the television market is returning to Europe, with Pioneer televisions to be available in the UK after sealing an exclusive deal with the Dixons group.

Pioneer pulled out of the Euro TV market in 2010, with the critical acclaim of its legendary Kuro range never matched with the same degree of profitability.

However, the return of Pioneer does not, at this point, mean a return of Kuro plasma screens, which remain fondly celebrated by TV buffs to this day.


Dixons has confirmed to ERT that it will be selling LED TVs in three sizes 40, 46 and 55-inches - and that the sets will sport smart functionality and 3D support.

But this does mean a first product launch from Pioneer in five years, with the first products to be available in Curry's, PC World and online through Dixons in December.

It remains to be seen whether the latest sets will live up to the old brand, but the partnership makes a lot of sense for both Dixons and Pioneer.