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Freeview launches online TV listings

Email me!
Email me!

Freeview has launched an online TV guide on its website, allowing people to plan ahead for a fortnight in their viewing and receive email reminders about their favourite shows.

The Freeview TV listings service has launched just prior to the Christmas period, with the listings' search facility allowing you to seek out appearances from your favourite celebrities.

Email updates

There is also a service that allows you to click on the programme and set an email reminder so that you need never miss an episode of Jeremy Kyle again.

That does not yet need registration, you can currently put any email address in the reminder box which is likely to bring all kinds of naughty internet abuse, so we'd imagine that will soon be changed.

Finally, people using the guide can set the TV region that want so that any visits elsewhere need not mean you missing out.

It's a fairly neat online tool, and will no doubt prove to be a popular service.