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Holographic film to replace Flash memory?

Traditional Flash memory cards could be replaced by digital film storage in the future

Flash memory manufacturer SanDisk has announced that it is launching a new digital film later on this year. Using a type of holographic storage technology, it could replace all types of Flash memory in the future.

Instead of traditional Flash memory storage, digital cameras and other gadgets could soon be using so-called holographic storage. SanDisk wouldn't give many details on how the technology works, but said that its new digital film would be a write-once medium that would permanently store images.

SanDisk, the world's largest maker of Flash memory products, also announced that the digital film would last for 100 years, although it wouldn't say whether this was the maximal or minimal durability.

SanDisk said it hoped its new creation would "remove the PC from the equation" when it comes to storing photos.