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BenQ betting on 16:9 monitors

White version of BenQ's 16:9 range
White version of BenQ's 16:9 range

BenQ has shown off its latest monitor range, and the company is insistent that 16:9 is the way forward for consumers and eventually businesses too.

Currently, widescreen monitors are 16:10, but BenQ is among the first to push for 16:9 pictures that can display 1080p Full HD, even though there are rumblings that the 'missing inch' is a problem for ordinary computer desktops.

BenQ (which in this event stood for Bringing Enjoyment N'Quality to the market place – we kid you not) showed off its E2200HD and E2400HD, a white version with a webcam (M2200HD and M2400HD) as well as some traditional 16:10 monitors.


With the 22in black version competitive at £150 and the 24in version £100 dearer, the new range may well be proving tempting to those who want to use their monitor as an occasional second screen for entertainment.

"I think 16:9 has a big advantage and at the moment that is very much targeted toward the consumer," said BenQ's Thomas Muller.

"The corporate market may well stick with 16:10 at the moment because it allows for 2000 pixels, but for the huge part of that market on 4:3 still, we are asking if they will skip 16:10 and go straight to 16:9.

Some applications

"There are some applications [that benefit from 16:10] but the costs are higher and in the long term the market will be dictated by the panel makers.

"I think that 16:9 is really coming to the market in this quarter and luckily we are one of the first companies to get there."

Muller believes that the £250 24in panel is a great size for the majority of users.

"I'm particularly positive about the 24in screen as I think it makes sense for most consumers, and it's at a price point which is interesting."