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Man sells his entire life on eBay

Identity thieves trumped as man sells his whole life on eBay

A philosophy student in Australia has put his entire life up for sale on auction site eBay. Nicael Holt, 24, has sold his name, belongings, friends and fractured relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

Bidding started at a paultry five Australian dollars (less than £2), but closed at an astounding $7,500 (almost £3,000).

The auction included his phone number, 300 CDs and sports equipment, and he promises to teach the winning bidder his skills which include surfing and doing handstands.

"I will introduce you to all my friends and potential lovers (around 8 who I have been flirting with). I have around 15 close friends, 170 other friends and 2 nemeses," Holt says on the bidding page .

Whilst £3,000 is a lot of money, it should be noted that even if you ignore the mystical value of having friends, the 300 CDs, pushbike, golf clubs, laptop computer and so on that he included in the auction are probably worth a lot more than three grand. Oops.