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Microsoft’s Andromeda OS Productivity Mode discovered

(Image credit: US Patent and Trademark Office)

More information about Andromeda OS, a version of Windows 10 that Microsoft was apparently planning to power its rumored Surface Phone, have been uncovered, this time detailing a Productivity Mode.

With rumors that Microsoft’s foldable Surface phone/tablet hybrid has been delayed until 2019, some people expected that things might quieten down regarding Andromeda OS as well.

However the owner of the WalkingCat Twitter account, who often digs up interesting hints about Microsoft’s software and devices by combing through code, has found a reference to a Productivity Mode in part of the operating system’s files.

Window display

It's not clear what the Productivity Mode might entail, but it suggests that Andromeda OS is an operating system designed for a device that can flip between modes, with the Productivity Mode perhaps making it easier to type and work on a device that does not have a traditional keyboard or screen.

As WalkingCat notes, the reference to the “AndromedaProductivityMode” was found in the SettingsHandler_Display.dll, which itself was used in a class called Multitaskmode.

It may still be a while before we see any foldable hybrid Surface devices running Andromeda OS, but with hints like these, it shows that Microsoft was thinking hard about how to bring Windows 10 to a new breed of devices.

Via MSPowerUser