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Twitter real-time update feed begins rollout

Twitter real-time update feed begins rollout
Twitter - now brings out your inner stalker

Twitter has begun rolling out a significant new update to the micro-blogging service – a real-time update feed.

Acting and looking a lot like Facebook's news ticker, the feed's main job is to keep you up to date with everything those you follow on Twitter are up to. This includes people that have recently been followed, favourited tweets and also any groups that have recently been created.

Every tweet you make, I'll be watching you

The idea of the real-time feed is to help connect with those on the site you are yet to be connected to.

One of the ways that this can be done is by clicking on a username and seeing who they have recently followed, then you can copy them if you think they have the same tastes as you. Or laugh at them behind their back for following the weirdest bunch of people this side of MySpace.

The news feed will certainly divide Twitter users, given that the site has always been seen as a rather clean (looks-wise) rival to Facebook – and now it has some added clutter.

This new Twitter comes a few weeks after the launch of Stories, a site dedicated to life-affirming tweets.

Via Digital Trends