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Twitter opens up UK blog, tells you who to follow

Twitter opens up UK blog, tells you who to follow"
Twitter spruces up on its British accent

Twitter has started up a UK-centric blog, showcasing some of the biggest names from Britain that are using the website.

Although the blog kind of suggests that UK users will only be interested in, er, UK celebrities and sports stars, it is nice to see the micro-blogging website take a more regional approach, considering it is now 100 million users strong.

UK favourites

"From chefs to designers, from museums to the Downing Street Cat, there are more than 100 million people around the world using Twitter to follow their interests and instantly share ideas and information," explained the blog.

"To kick off our UK blog, we want to highlight a few of our favourites here at home."

Some of those favourites include the British Museum, Wayne Rooney, Jamie Oliver and, interestingly, the Met Police.

Twitter announced in December that it is to expand its operations into Europe, with either London or Ireland set to be a base for the company.

Go to to check out Twitter's thoughts on the UK.