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Game Of Thrones tops 'most pirated' charts for third year running

Game Of Thrones tops the most-pirated charts for third year running
Game of Thrones - now with added pirates

Game of Thrones is the most-pirated TV series for the third year running, beating Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead to the top spot.

Pirates seem to love the goings-on in Westeros. Throughout 2014 the TV show has been topping the pirate charts, earning the all-time piracy crown earlier in the year.

According to Torrent Freak, Game of Thrones averaged 8.1 million illegal downloads, while second place Walking Dead was significantly lower with 4.1 million downloads.

This could well be down to the channels both shows originate from. HBO, the distributor of Game of Thrones, is a premium channel with a much smaller viewer base than The Walking Dead's AMC.

The numbers are revealing: piracy shows no signs of waning, despite increasing pressure by both the UK and US to stem illegal downloads.

There has been some attempts to curb the pirating of episodes of Game of Thrones, however. Back in April Sky in the UK, which broadcasts the show on its Sky Atlantic channel, simulcast some episodes of the show so that viewers could view them the same time as they were shown in the US.

Via Torrent Freak