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Can hatching chicks reveal who will win the Game of Thrones?

It's all a yolk of course
It's all a yolk of course

Sky's Now TV in the UK has hit on the Easter theme by using hatching eggs to crack the mystery of who will sit on the Game of Thrones.

The five 'houses' are in an incubator that has been set up to provide live streaming. Given that this is Game of Thrones we can't completely rule out gore and/or decapitation.

It's all to promote Season Five of Game of Thrones which will hit Now TV on April 13. You can follow the stream on the @NOWTV Twitter handle, or visit the NOW TV Facebook page, YouTube channel or to watch the live stream from March 26.

And of course there's a hashtag: #CrackTheThrone. We reckon that Egg Stark will go early but house Targaryolk will win out in the end, unless George RR Martin turns the incubator off to plug his Mac back in and finish The Winds of Winter.

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