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Google boosts 2FA security protection for G Suite

Image Credit: TechRadar (Image credit: Image Credit: Anthony Spadafora)
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As part of its ongoing work to make the internet a safer place, Google has introduced new two-step verification options for G Suite users.

In a series of updates to its two-factor authentication (2FA), the search giant began by first overhauling the interface itself. This includes new illustrations, text and instructions in the images and dialogs G Suite users see when using either a Bluetooth or USB security key.

Google has also decided to change the way its 2FA verification process appears depending on the browser you use. This means that a G Suite customer using Chrome will see different screens then one using Firefox, Edge or other browsers.

Google was previously responsible for showing these dialogs but now that responsibility will fall on the web browser instead which is why the flow may be different on each browser.

Security keys

Customers that wish to use Bluetooth for 2FA will no longer have to rely on Google's own Titan security key as the company has promised  expanded wireless key support.

Linux users will now also be able to enable the feature themselves through a flag.

The update to security keys in G Suite will have a gradual rollout beginning on March 26th and it could take up to 14 days for these new features to appear on your devices.

Since the updated user interface is turned on by default, it will likely be the first sign you see that the update is now available in your browser.

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