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Slim Microsoft Xbox 360 leaked prior to E3

Xbox Slim outed prior to official unveil at E3 2010
Xbox Slim outed prior to official unveil at E3 2010

Following Microsoft's reveal of its new Kinect motion control hardware for the Xbox 360, it looks like one of the company's big E3 secrets has been leaked – with pictures of a slimmed-down Xbox 360 emerging online.

The pictures come from an Italian web advert, which show a slimmer Xbox 360 featuring a 250GB hard drive and built-in Wi-Fi.

Official unveil imminent

Of course, there is no comment on the pics from Microsoft as yet, although we expect to hear the official details on the new Xbox 360 console from Microsoft's E3 presser later this evening, which we will be covering in depth from 7pm onwards.

We should also hear more on the pricing and release plans for Microsoft Kinect from that event, so stay tuned.

Italian site, Console Tribe, ran the ad that you can see here which clearly showed off a slimmer Xbox 360, that is apparently fully Kinect-compatible.

Via Console Tribe