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Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer reveals starter monsters, confirms release date


The first footage from Pokémon Sun and Moon has been revealed, introducing us to the three new starters and a new setting.

Sun and Moon will take place in Hawaii, with a graphic style similar to that seen in Pokémon X and Y. The new starters are Litten, a fire-type kitten, Rowlet, a grass/flying-type owl, and Popplio, a water-type seal... clown thing. I'm usually a water type guy, but in all honesty, right now I'm Team Rowlet.

We also get a glimpse of what we assume are two new legendaries, which adorn the game cases - you can see them in the video below.

The game will launch November 18 in North America and November 23 in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS.

You'll also be able to import Pokémon captured in previous games via the Pokemon Bank. We assume it will be heavily regulated – Hawaii's quarantine laws are pretty damn stringent.

As for more immediate Pokémon events, the UK Pokémon National Championship is set to take place this weekend, May 14-15, at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool. Attendees will get a rare shiny Machamp for their game, while anyone at home can watch along on one of three Twitch live streams: one for the game championships, one for the Trading Card Game Championships, and one for Pokkén Tournament.

Hugh Langley

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