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Microsoft's BlueTrack tech will hit Sidewinder range

BlueTrack technology from MS
BlueTrack technology from MS

Microsoft's Andre Reuter has confirmed that the company will be looking to move its brand new 'BlueTrack' technology onto its Sidewinder range of gaming mice.

Although the impressive technology has been billed as the perfect answer to those who need their mouse to work on any surface, Reuter exclusively told TechRadar that the accuracy of BlueTrack means that it should be considered the step beyond conventional laser and optical mouse technology.

"The most crucial thing that a mouse does is to track properly," said Reuter. "It's the basic tracking reliability that is the most important thing.

"We are seriously looking into moving this technology into our gaming range Sidewinder.

"BlueTrack is capable of higher DPI, a faster frame rate – all things that gamers are looking for."

"The DPI would be a lot higher [for BlueTrack in gaming] than it is for the current mice that we are launching the technology with."

Those mice are the new Explorer Mouse and Explorer mini – and we will be bringing you a hands on report on the new tech later.