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'Exciting PSP plans' set for Europe

Exciting PSP times ahead
Exciting PSP times ahead

Sony has hinted tantalisingly at special plans for the PSP in Europe this year, following a US price drop of the current PSP handheld in the States.

Those lucky Yanks were also treated to some new software deals for the PSP, but Sony says it has nothing to say about UK pricing at present.

It tempered this unfortunate yet predictable comment with a hint that there will be treats to come for European PSP fans.

Setting up for a fall

The statement, sent to CVG, says, "We have nothing to say at this time regarding the price of PSP within the SCEE region.

"PSP has been performing particularly well in Europe so far this year and we look forward to sharing some exciting plans that we have for PSP throughout the year."

Well, there's Sony well and truly raising our hopes for the year; what will we get? A cheaper PSP? Snazzy new games? A new colour variant? A free novelty hat with every purchase? We'll have to wait and see.

Will it be anywhere near as exciting as making Europe the first territory to get the NGP aka PSP 2? Unlikely - but hey, a tech site can dream.