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20th anniversary PS4 sells for insane sums on eBay

Anniversary PS4
And people balked at the PS3's $600 price tag

With the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation brand Sony revealed a special treat for diehard fans: a grey PS1-themed PlayStation 4 console sold in very limited quantities.

How limited? Enough so that one just sold on eBay for over $20,000 (about £13K, AU$24K). Another auction ended at over $15,000 (about £10K, AU$18K).

The 20th anniversary edition PS4 sold through Sony's website for just $500 (£400, about AU$600) officially, including the console and a matching controller and PlayStation Camera.

Sony sold just 12,300 units of the special edition PS4 initially to match the date of the original PlayStation's launch on December 3 1994, and its official store says no more are coming, but you may as well keep checking back every day for the rest of your life - you never know.

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